Engagement Rings For Her

Top 5 Engagement Rings To Guarantee She’ll Say Yes

You want her to say ‘yes’, which is why you’re meticulously planning a special proposal. You have the location, food, drink and even what you’ll wear firmly in your head, but there’s one thing missing.

The ring.

Finding the perfect engagement ring has been a tradition for many years, but you want hers to be different from everyone else’s and symbolise your love for her.

From Rose gold, White gold, 18 caret diamonds to platinum decors – no matter your tastes or budget, we’ve got you covered… and don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.

Nouveau – 18 Caret White Gold

engagement rings for her
[Source: www.rarepink.com]
At £420, this ring from Rare Pink is a classic and exudes charm with a pink sapphire in the centre which only she will know about. For more of a personal touch, you can modify this or remove it to suit your tastes.

This 18k White gold band says ‘I love you’ and will guarantee she’ll say yes (if only for the ring).

Handmade in London, it’s been shaped with as much care and love as you have for her.

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