5 Proven Ways To Get a Bigger Butt

#2 – Squats


One of the best exercises to target the glutes are squats, however many people adopt the wrong technique, which results in actually targeting your hamstrings rather than your butt. For the perfect glute workout try this simple squat technique:

  • Keep your feet wide apart, wider than hip width and with your toes turned out
  • Go down slowly into a deep squat keeping your knees at 90 degrees and in line with your toes, and ensure to keep your back straight
  • Come up slowly, maintaining good posture and repeat

To intensify the workout and target glutes further, try this technique:

  • Rather than coming up slowly from the squat, jump up high kicking your feet outwards, then land back into your deep squat position (this is key to targeting your glutes and building your big butt)
  • Do 3 sets of 20 reps

These squats will ensure that you work your target area (glutes) and will help to build your dream booty.

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