5 Amazing Smoothie Recipes


#5 – Cappuccino Smoothie



We decided to include something a little different. Our final smoothie is perfect for all coffee lovers out there! The Cappuccino Smoothie offers an exciting twist on an old classic cappuccino, perfect for when you’re entertaining or to take to work for that much needed boost!

Total Time: 0:05

Level:  Medium

Serves:  3


1 Cappuccino or coffee flavoured yogurt

1/3 Cup of milk (Use skimmed as a lighter option)

1 Tbsp. Chocolate syrup

1 Cup of Ice

3 Tsp. Sugar (optional)

½ Cup of miniature marshmallows to decorate (optional)

There we have it. Our top 5 smoothie recipes ready for you to enjoy! Well… what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy playing around with these recipes! We’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do!

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