10 Tips for Travelling on a Budget


#9 – Make Use of Free Wi-Fi!


Many people ask… “Is it possible to travel for a long period of time without a phone contract?”, and nowadays, yes it is! With the likes of Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, there really is no need to go spending huge amounts on communication with loved ones. We live in a world where it is near impossible to visit a shop, café or restaurant that doesn’t have free Wi-Fi, so there really is no need to panic. Not only that but most hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts offer free Wi-Fi to guests, so you can keep your network up to date on the latest places you’ve visited and tell them all about your new friend from France! Be sure to turn off your Mobile data and roaming before you leave and enjoy using your phone almost anywhere for absolutely no cost!


#10 – Track Your Spending!


This may just be the most important tip of all for people travelling on a budget. It’s far too easy to lose track of what you spend, but by failing to monitor your costs, you will set yourself up for worry and panic as your ever-shrinking budget begins to dwindle.  Keep a memo on your phone or in a notepad of what you have spent, where and when. Or, the Trail Wallet app is perfect for keeping all your outgoings in one place! It will even convert the currency you’re using into your home currency, saving you the tedious tasks of converting each spend! You can even categorise your costs into manageable folders such as Accommodation, food and transport. Definitely recommended to any traveller taking a Smartphone or Tablet!


Happy Travelling!

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