10 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

#6 – Eat Street Food


Although many countries are remarkably cheap for eating out (especially when you compare them to the ridiculously high prices here in the UK) food can be one of the biggest costs to a budget traveller… but it doesn’t have to be! Street food is some of the cheapest and most delicious food on offer. Not only that, but what better way to experience the true culture of your destination than by trying the local eats? Mix with the locals, grab a spring roll and go wonder the beautiful sights and streets. Or visit a Street Stall and actually watch them cooking your local delicacy from fresh right in front of you! Grab a seat and enjoy! Not only do you get to experience new cuisine, but you avoid the cost of having to tip as you would in a restaurant! This is such a great way to save money and make the most out of your exciting trip.



#7 – Walk around


What better way to take in the culture and see the sights than to use your feet! Get around Cities by walking rather than relying on buses and taxis. It’s easy to start relying on other people to get you from A to B, but where’s the sense of adventure… the excitement? Sometimes it’s fun to get lost! You may end up seeing and doing much more than you anticipated. By using your feet (they’re completely free!) you can save so much money to spend on other things, such as an activity you’ve always wanted to do or a tour that caught your eye!


#8 – Travel Together


You’re guaranteed to meet a lot of new people on your travels, and sometimes it’s nice to have companionship! Get your heads together and go explore your new surroundings! Sharing transport costs and meals can be a great way to save money, and what’s better than making new friends? Not only will you conserve your budget, but you’ll make links that last a lifetime and memories to cherish forever.


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