10 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

#3 – Ask About Discounts


Don’t fall into the trap of booking everything online! Often, hostels and hotels offer cheaper prices to those who simply arrive on the day and enquire. It’s always best to check with your accommodation first to see what their policies are. Make sure that if you do plan on just turning up, you do still have a backup plan! Reserve your place in a few hostels for no cost, to ensure that you’ll definitely have a bed to sleep in that night!


#4 – Research your transport


Often when travelling, the best way to get around your destinations on a budget is to buy your tickets on the day and at the time you want to travel. In rare occasions it may be cheaper to book your transport online prior to travel, and in this case it’s extremely worthwhile to download a few apps on your phone. The best apps for prepaid travel are Skyscanner, Travel2Go and Uber! These apps allow you to compare the best prices for your desired dates, book trains, buses, planes and taxis at the touch of a button. Extremely time efficient and more importantly… cost effective!


#5 – Travel Cash

Compass and UK Passport on Travel Money

If you are planning on taking your debit or credit card with you on your trip, be sure to check international withdrawal charges and non-sterling fees with your bank. Many travellers forget to enquire and end up confused as to why their bills are suddenly much larger than they expected. Search around to find the best cards that cost the least in terms of ATM fees. There are certain banks that offer no fees at all, while others charge a huge amount when withdrawing money abroad. Be sure to keep up to date with exchange rates in your destination country. Apps such as XE Currency are great when purchasing items abroad and allow you to keep track of exactly what you are spending! Be sure to change your money when exchange rates are at their best, this way you can save an awful lot of money for spending on your trip!


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