10 Tips for Travelling on a Budget


Whether you’ve already got your one way ticket in hand or you’re planning on venturing the globe in the future, one of the biggest concerns for prospective travellers on a budget is of course… money! It’s easy to fall into the trap of overspending on fancy accommodation, “splashing out” on activities you hadn’t planned on doing or weeping into your napkin after spending a little too much on your lunch, but you don’t have to fall into the never-ending cycle of checking your bank account and passing on opportunities to do the things that you want to on your once in a lifetime trip!

So, with the budget traveller in mind we have composed a list of ten top tips to help you manage your money abroad and avoid the misery that comes with overspending!


#1 – Check Your Airfares


Don’t settle on the first price you find when searching for flights. Make sure to Google, Google and then Google again to ensure you find the cheapest airfare possible! Also, sign up to airline newsletters, visit travel agencies in your area and don’t forget to check discount websites such as Groupon! Sales can come and go quickly, so make sure to research daily and well in advance to be the first one in line to bag that bargain


#2 – Plan Ahead


Write a list of destinations, your planned method of transport and ideal length of time you wish to stay there. This way, you can compare prices for accommodation on your desired dates; on sites such as Trivago, Booking.com and Agoda (booking in advance often saves a hefty amount!).  Also, to save even further, consider non-traditional forms of accommodation such as couch surfing and hostels. Great deals can be found for both individual travellers and those travelling with others on various sites such as Hostel Bookers and Hostel World.


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