10 Things Back To The Future Predicted That Came TRUE!

#8 – Hoverboards


Although they haven’t been released yet, car company Lexus have teased a prototype that elevates in the same smooth way that the Mattel board in Back To The Future 2 does. Though this sounds truly amazing, the board produced by Lexus uses a string of magnetic force to levitate, which means it currently only works in Lexus’s own Magnetised skatepark. Hopefully with all the hype, another company can come up with the real deal…we’ve got our fingers crossed!


#10 – Pepsi Perfect


Pepsi are conducting a marketing stunt to tie in with Back To The Future day. The company plan to release a replica version of the Pepsi perfect in US stores on the 21st October 2015. These bottles, although filled with the same old Pepsi, will market at $20.15 a pop! Clearly a great buy for any Back To The Future fanatic or collector, but still pricey all the same. These bottles are extremely popular already, so if you’re planning on getting one, act fast!


We hope you enjoyed this article. Have a great Back To The Future day! 🙂

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