10 Things Back To The Future Predicted That Came TRUE!

#6 – Electric cars


“This suckers electrical” – The DeLorean that they use as a time machine in the Back To The Future movies is electrical. Although this may not have been a ‘future’ prediction per se, but we do have electrical cars that exist in the world today so I guess you could say they predicted this one.


#7 – Auto-Lacing Nike shoes


This is something that Nike plans to release very soon – auto lacing shoes. With the previous release of Nike Mag’s (a replica of the shoes worn in Back To The Future but without the power laces) selling out extremly quickly, I’m sure these are going to be very VERY popular upon their release.


#9 – Wearable technology


Here we see Marty’s ‘future son’ wearing technological glasses. With the 2013 release of Google glasses and the more recent release of other wearable technology such as the Apple Smart Watch, I think we can all agree that this is another gem that Back To The Future predicted perfectly.


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