10 Things Back To The Future Predicted That Came TRUE!

#3 – Fingerprint recognition


On that’s used frequently in the Back To The Future 2 movie is fingerprint recognition. This is shown predominantly when people are entering houses and can be seen in action when the police return young Jennifer to her ‘future home’. Fingerprint technology is used all over the world now with the likes of iPhones fingerprint recognition technology and there are even now keyless entry doors, which involve pressing and scanning your fingerprint, much like in the movie!


#4 – Video Conferencing


In this scene, future Marty receives a video call from a colleague. Video messaging now seems like it’s been around for ages with the likes of Skype, FaceTime and the newer Facebook video call technology. Video conferencing is used by businesses and individuals around the world on a daily basis and is now a huge part of our lives. This is one thing Back To The Future definitely predicted correctly!


#5 – Wall-Mounted widescreen TVs


Continuing on from the last point, the McFly’s future home contains this huge widescreen wall-mounted television – something that was not heard of back in the 80’s when this movie was produced. Widescreen TV’s have been around for a what seems like a long time now, and pretty much everyone I can think of has got one. Again, this is something Back To The Future got absolutely right!


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