10 Things Back To The Future Predicted That Came TRUE!


It was the year 1985 when the Doc decided he wanted to take a look into the future…30 years into the future to be precise. At the end of the first Back To The Future movie we see Doc return from the future to pick up Marty and Jennifer claiming “something’s got to be done about your kids!”. We see the 3 of them fly off in the DeLorean time machine to October 21st 2015 – TODAY! To honour this historic event, we’ve decided to conduct a list of 10 things the movie Back To The Future 2 predicted that actually came true! All hail the flux capacitor!


#1 – Handless and wireless video games


When Marty sees some kids in an 80’s themed cafe trying to work a classic arcade video game, he comes to the rescue by showing them how to play it. The kids respond with “You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!”. This indicates that the creators of Back To The Future predicted that gaming would no longer need the use of your hands, and with gaming devices such as the X-Box Kinect and Playstation Move, wireless and handless gaming is completely possible today.


#2 – Handheld tablet computers


Remember the ‘Hill Valley Preservation Society’ from the first Back To The Future movie? Well in Back To The Future 2, Marty is approached by the 2015 version of the group, who are still pushing for people to “Save the clock tower!”. The man who approaches Marty in 2015 has a handheld computer device. With such things as the iPad, Kindle and all other computer tablets, this is another thing that Back To The Future predicted and got completely right!


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